For Orchestra/Large Ensemble

Kerning – full orchestra (2019)

Almanac – large mixed ensemble (2018/19) | Written for Variant 6, Warp Trio, and the Kevin Sun Quartet

Pater Dolorosa: A Heartland Lamentation – large jazz ensemble (2015)

2 Urban Pastorales – full orchestra (2015/17)

Isaac Newton’s Fever Dream – chamber orchestra and soloist(s) (2014)

Water Fountain – large jazz ensemble (2014)

Where or When – large jazz ensemble (2013)

What Exit (On 80) – chamber orchestra (2012)

Nature Walks – full orchestra, (2011/12)

For Chamber Ensemble

A Ballad (for Barry Berkman and Catherine Cawood) – viola duo (2019) | Written for Shizuka Duo

Bind, You Dancing Phantoms – bassoon and bass clarinet (2018) | Written for members of the International Contemporary Ensemble

Mixed Media II: (this is not an) Etch A Sketch – string quartet (2017) | Written for Daedalus Quartet

Charade (an unruly dance suite) – flute, violin, cello, and continuo (2017) | Written for the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia

Nightscapes – variable mixed chamber ensemble (2017) | Written for Unheard-of//Ensemble

The Party at Otto H. Kahn’s – L’histoire septet (2017) | Written for Exceptet

Another News Cycle – piano, electric bass, and drum set (2016) | Written for Bearthoven

To Speak, Perchance – 2 pianos and percussion (2 players) (2016) | Written for members of Yarn/Wire

Mixed Media I: Impasto – string quartet (2016)

Brokeland Records – saxophone quartet (2015) | Written for PRISM Quartet

Thunder Perfect Mind – mixed chamber ensemble (2014)

Last Night at the Blue Note – Pierrot Ensemble + percussion (2014)

Study no. 16 for Player Piano – percussion quartet (2013)

Procession for the Portly King ‘Enry – trombone quartet (2012)

A Thousand Sk(y)ies – a song for variable instrumentation (2011/12) | Commissioned by the Sō Percussion Summer Institute, recomposed for Warp Trio

Speech & Debate – solo percussion (2010)

For Solo Performer (with & without electronics)

Interlude (follow your nose) – prepared piano solo (2019) | Written for Amy Williams

Clench and Release – piano solo (2015) | Written for Erika Dohi

Something Dreamed, Something Lost – clarinet & fixed media (2015) | Written for Ford Fourquerean

Music for Voice(s)

The Snow, Like Me – soprano, jazz trio, & electronics (2020/21) | Written for Molly Netter

Oystercatchers in Flight – soprano, violin, cello, & bassoon (2018)

Come Up From the Fields, Father – mezzo-soprano & string quartet (2014) | Written for Miyuki Miyagi

Sonnet 73: Chorale and Explication – chamber choir, a capella (2014) | Written for the San Francisco Choral Artists

Spring & Fall: To a Young Child – soprano & chamber ensemble (2011)


We Shall Overcome 2016 – fixed media (2016)

Music for Media

Score & Song Arrangements for All Underdogs Go To Heaven (2021)

Score for Out of the Mellah (2012)

Jazz(ish) Tunes

Modernist Nightmare (A Monk’s Dream Variation)

Improvisation on an Improvisation on a Hungarian Folk Tune (2016)

Another and Another and Another (2015)

Bones (2014)

Before the Hangover (2013)

Illyria Suite (2011)

Brit Bop (2011)

Marcel The Champ (2010)

Nighthawks (2008)

Commercial Music Reel

A new opera in development with Jacqueline Goldfinger, “Queen of the Goths”

If you like what you hear and would like to perform any of these works, please email me at

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